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On the Need for a Netizens News in the U.S.

Emails expose sordid tale of political corruption
Lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty and Washington trembles

South Korean 'Netizens of the Year'
The online scientific community and Internet media challenge old hierarchies

Korean Cloning Hero Deconstructed Online
Online Scientific Community in South Korea Uncovers Fabrication of Data in Acclaimed Stem Cell Research Papers

'Scooter' Libby, White House Drama Unfolds
Will the leak probe extend into a Congressional investigation?

Searching the Weapons of Mass Disinformation
The Internet and the Ongoing Investigation into the White House Leak Probe

The Heat is on Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the CIA Leak Probe
Will He Bring Indictments and If So, Who Will Be Charged?
The White House Iraq Group and the Case for War in Iraq

Who's economy? / "Wem sein Volkswirtschaft?"

Who Will Control Internet Infrastructure?
At a recent U.N. preparatory meeting for the World Summit on Information Society, the dispute widens

Advancing "News guerrillas"
OhmyNews and 21st Century Journalism

Dawn of the Internet and Netizen
In a talk at Seoul National University Aug. 8, Ronda Hauben explores the Net's origins

A North Korean Gymnast's 'State of Mind'
[Film review] A rare glimpse into North Korean life and preparation for Mass Games in 2003

Karl Rove deserves a prize
Lies and Crimes in High Places and their Cheering Squad in the US Press

Netizen Debate Ensues Over 'Dog Poop Girl'
Exploring how the Internet and netizens should respond to anti-social public activity

What will be the future?
Netizen Media or Another Form of Corporate Dominated Mainstream Media

First Steps of OhmyNews International Edition
Creating a new form of media, a Netizen media

The Emergence of the Netizens

Netizenship Around the World: Amateur Computerist Vol 13 no 1

"What We Want is More Democracy": Voters in the Netherlands Resoundingly Vote "NO"

France Votes for a Citizen's Europe:
Voters cast 'no' ballots to counter those who put the market first

Does Electoral Politics Fit Democracy?: Germany's cuts in social services raise questions about the nature of government

Comment on the above article

Gwangju Uprising Talks Go on Tour: Two Korean activists travel U.S. & Canada to discuss details, implications of the May 1980 massacre

Internet and Politics: U.S. Style- Report from the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City, May 16, 2005

Missed Lessons From the Dean Campaign: Joe Trippi may see the Net's political force, but has yet to see the potential of a netizen press

Let towns, cities provide cheap, everywhere broadband

But Who Watches the Watchdogs? Bloggers and the New McCarthyism

Targeting the News Media

Netizen and Professional Journalism

The Effect of the Net on the Professional News Media: The Usenet News Collective - The Man-Computer News Symbiosis

The Crisis in the US Media and the 2004 Election

OhmyNews a 'Marriage of Democracy and Technology'
OMN founder Oh Yeon Ho's speech at Harvard's Berkman Center (Dec. 11, 2004)

The International Origins of the Internet and the Impact of this Framework on its Future

Iraqi Dilemma

The Tyranny of the Two Party System in the US

A View from Canada of the US Election

Thoughts on the 2004 US Election

The Republican National Convention or the Protests. Which is Democracy?

End the Occupation of Iraq and Manhattan

The Corporation: film review

Control Room: film review A Case Study

Will The Net Impact the 2004 Election in the USA?

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There is a need for a netizens news in the US that will make it possible to broaden the spectrum of news that is available and that will welcome diverse viewpoints and the interaction and discussion among these viewpoints. There are examples of such news organizations in other countries, like OhmyNews in South Korea and Telepolis in Germany. These online news media make it possible for those with a broad range of views to discuss their differences and to contribute articles about the news and their views on a broad spectrum of issues. In the U.S. there is a commercial news media that limits what is allowed to be published in the print media. Online there is a broader spread of views, but in general, many of the alternative news media only accept articles from a relatively small strata of people. Also there is not any broadranging discussion on any of the alternative publication web sites that are widely known. An online press which could focus a broad ranging public debate on issues that are critical to the plight of the common people, a press which would broaden the spectrum of views and debate, is sorely needed. To this end we are beginning the web site, and we hope this can be combined with a Usenet newsgroup or mailing list for discussion.